Retirement Location


With an average temperature of 70 degrees and beautiful mountains, Prescott, Arizona is the perfect vacation, retirement location or even relocation. There are many vacation homes, Prescott AZ homes for sale, ranch homes, and cabins available for rent or purchase in the Prescott area. With its multitude of breathtaking landscapes, frequent visitors discover new experiences with each stay. Located in the Bradshaw Mountains, in the beautiful Prescott National Forest, there are a variety of outdoor adventures available, while enjoying the Arizona sun. Whether exploring Bradshaw’s Black Canyon or discovering history in Bradshaw’s Black Mesa Ruin, there is an adventure around every corner. Enjoy the beauty of the Arizona sunset at one of Prescott’s beautiful lakes including, Watson Lake, Willow Lake, and Goldwater Lake. They all offer a fun afternoon of fishing, hiking, boating, and bird watching. Prescott offers over 400 miles of hiking trails for a new outdoor adventure on every visit.

The city of Prescott was named after author William H. Prescott, one of the most eminent historians of the19th century America. Prescott’s deep history begins in its downtown area known as Whiskey Row. A notorious red-light district until 1956, the entire block was destroyed by fire in 1900. It now contains many historical buildings that were constructed shortly after the devastating fire. People come from all over the world to explore Whiskey Row’s architecture, shops, and restaurants. A visit to Whiskey Row takes visitors back to the time of saloons and shootouts. After an afternoon of shopping and great food, there are four of Arizona’s prized museums awaiting. The Smoki Museum houses a variety of Native American Artifacts, The Sharlot Hall Museum includes an educational and cultural center educating visitors on the history and culture of Arizona, The Phippen Museum houses a variety of western art, and The Spot Children’s Museum provides families a unique and interactive play experience.

Prescott hosts a variety of yearly events including Frontier Days, The World’s Oldest Rodeo, and the World’s Largest Gingerbread Village. There are a variety of golf courses in the Prescott community including the award winning StoneRidge Golf Course and Talking Rock Golf Course. The Prescott Center for the Arts hosts a variety of performing arts events including theater performances and music concerts. Prescott is home to a number of artists, who display their work at many of Prescott’s art galleries. Known as, everybody’s hometown, Prescott not only offers a variety of activities for those, who love the great outdoors, but it’s a city rich in history and culture to share with its visitors.

Prescott, Arizona, visitors return year are year, because of the happy memories that are created in this city, with the hometown feel. The city of Prescott can become that home away from home, where there is always a stunning sunset awaiting that next visit. Many visitors find that Prescott is the hometown they have been searching for their entire life. Make a last visit to Prescott, and make it permanent, by calling it home.